CHEM-ENG 120: Fundamentals of chemical Engineering

An introduction to chemical engineering problem-solving methods. Basic chemical engineering principles and their application to chemical processes studied. Concepts include pressure, temperature, volume, heat capacity, and mass and energy balances.

Chem-Eng 297A: The Business of chemical engineering

A new elective course for undergraduates developed by Prof. Beltramo, first offered in Fall 2019. In addition to technical aptitude, chemical engineers chemical engineers are expected to manage small and large teams and projects for both technical and economic success in companies across diverse industries. This course introduces students to the business of chemical engineering through modules focused on 1) chemical engineering industries, economics & market analysis, 2) business models, financial basics & fundamentals, 3) intellectual property & ethics, and 4) current events & issues in chemical engineering. The class will delve into these topics through be a combination of lecture, case studies, projects and team-based learning activities.